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friends only.
 friends only.

priyanka. brunette. fifteen. australian.
giggly. girly. nerdy. gossiper.
chloé. fashion. dresses. coats.
new york city. london. paris.
horror movies. rainy days. the 60s.
reader. writer. dreamer.
city girl at heart.
so if we have any common interests, just let me know here and i'll add you. (:

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so i've moved journals. i am nowterrifics. you can add me over there if you like, but if you don't want to be friends anymore, then just
use this opportunity to delete me as a friend. no hard feelings. in a few days i'll delete everyone from my friends list and then add people again once i see who still wants to be friends.terrificswill be friends only so if you just want to head over there now and make a comment saying you want to be friends, then that'll be fine. i must say i am a fail lj friend but i will try and update more over atterrifics after i get everything sorted out over there. thanks. ♥

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priyanka. is a city girl at heart. music is in her soul. hot chocolate and books on rainy days. summer baby that lives for winter. being at coffee shops while reading magazines. watching horror movies that are too scary. dreamer and a wisher. still thinks miley and joe should date.
skins, gossip girl, joe jonas, hayden christensen, ino, michael cera, andy samberg, miley cyrus, demi lovato, taylor swift, the x-files, books, reading, writing, gloomy days, the stars.
October 2009